Keep on Peddlin

It was the great philosopher Tupac Amaru Shakur who once noted the beauty of a rose growing up from between the cracks in the concrete of an urban sidewalk. Even though it might be in a place where it shouldn’t be, it makes the person who experiences it love it for what it went through to get there. It makes the experience of seeing that rose more fantastic and unreal than it’d be seeing it in a garden, by a whole lot, even! That’s what these fabulous benches are about. The fantastical nature of human creation.

It’s like being in a fantasy land, sitting on or experiencing a “Petal Bench.” During the day they sit out, appearing as gigantic flowers open to offer the average fanciful fairy (you) a place to rest. At night, the flower can be closed to follow the nature of flowers that also follow this timely ritual. Also, because during the day the Petal Bench collects solar energy, at night it lights up!

Designer: Je Sung Park

Pedal Bench by Je Sung Park