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Case of the Smokey Tissue Box

Back in school when we learned how to draw factories polluting the environment, I remember my art teacher teaching me this exact same design…angular roof building…

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Keep on Peddlin

It was the great philosopher Tupac Amaru Shakur who once noted the beauty of a rose growing up from between the cracks in the concrete of…

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The Rest Goes to the Dry

These water bottles are missing some water! Approximately 50ml out of every 500ml bottle. The rest is collected and sent to countries that have the little-helped…

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Book Pills

So you’ve got all the book shelves, yes? I bet you don’t have a stack of pill-shaped bookshelves. Take a peek at this stack of shelves…

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Try Air To Stay Dry

Back in May last year I did a roundup of the Most Unconventional Umbrellas seen here on YD. I wish I had stumbled across the Air…

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Disposable Paper Laptops

I quite agree with Je Sung Park when he says that disposable cameras and cell phones have gained acceptance, so why don’t we take the next…

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