Saloon with No Drinks

This car is a wild missile for heck. It’s the 2017 Alfa Romeo Executive Fastback Saloon. What a mouthful! What an eyeful, you’re about to witness. Designer Jacob McMurry’s whipped up this magic machine to compliment the Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione in Alfa Romeo’s return to the North American market.* In this project, inspiration’s drawn from Carnevale di Venezia, aka the Carnival of Venice.

*This project was done before the Fiat/Chrysler partnership.

All glass roof, smart glass panels. These smart panels have the ability to go all opaque or transparent. Helpful if you’re Batman, or if you’re Dexter Morgan. Lines drawn directly from Italy, drawing inspiration again from the 2900B Type 35 racers of the 1930’s.

Power plant: Diesel V8 with rear wheel drive, optional bio-diesel conversion.

**As for the title of this post: this car may look like a fancy club, all elegant and seductive, and it’s name is Saloon, but it’s just a car! You’d better be in your garage if you plan on drinking in it. Be safe!

Designer: Jacob Mcmurry

2017 Alfa Romeo Executive Fastback Saloon by Jacob Mcmurry





  • boris says:

    mobil yg sungguh modern, sangat mengikuti jaman, dan begitu Fantastik… Brilian idea..!!

  • anon amos says:

    .the rear looks weird though. front looks awesome!.

  • kaywarner says:

    This is an excellent design!!

    If this ever goes into production, i’m buying shares in a parking sensor company becuase that rear is EPIC!!!

    top job.

  • xi says:

    wow, cool line

  • epierotto says:

    Very beautiful this car, looking at the top, but to me it seems that the car is with hemorrhoid! = P

  • Victor Assis says:

    Nice looking concept. Needs refinement in some points:
    -The side windows can’t ever slide down. Careful with the cutlines!
    -The cut in the hood looks nice, but is seems unfeasible to me.

  • mif991 says:

    It looks gimmicky rather than new. I think it has some great views (top and front) but I just want to tear off the c-pillar overhang and the proportions are weird. Other than that, it looks fine.

  • ditzland says:

    futuristic car!! very inspiring..Great!!!

  • ranjix says:

    Looks best from top, which is not really a compliment. Otherwise, eye-catching alright…

  • Confucius says:

    Wack. Pushing the boundaries here aren’t we. That top rendering looks as though its cued from the Furai, a bit. I like it.

  • Code Red says:

    As it’s an Alfa, at least it’ll look cool sitting on the hard shoulder waiting for the breakdown truck…

  • Nathan says:

    from the front, it looks like a cylon, that is all

  • alfa Head says:

    Love the front split bonnet on this – how come I didnt see this in january?

  • Moha says:

    Great Dress…

  • Moha says:

    Great Dress…

  • zuanrazali says:

    Rear side less attractive, but the front side is awesome! nice job!

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