Foldable and Re Chargeable

Employing its very own lithium-ion-polymer battery, the “BiCX” recharges with human power. Both with pedaling and with free-riding (as in when you’re just coasting your way down a gigantic hill.) Using the power is the fun part though, of course. You reap what you sow. Both a cruise mode and a booster button. A booster button!

There’s three modes:

Cruise Mode: for cruzin. As soon as the user begins to pedal, the bike assists. The e-motor uses the power you’ve stored up during recharge mode.

Recharge Mode: the battery in the bike charges only, done with pedaling or down-hill-riding.

Boost Mode: pressing the booster button acculturates the bike. The button is on the left handlebar, and only works when the battery is 15% or more charged up. Do not try this button unless you are Pee-Wee Herman instructed and certified to jump over houses.

And of course it folds!

Designer: Jeongche Yoon



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