Armadillo Head Protection

A helmet that’s made to protect your head with the intelligent design of thousands of years of animal evolution. The armadillo (aka the Tatoo) has not one large shell, but many little plates for protecting it’s hide from danger. The Tatoo helmet uses not one giant piece of plastic and foam to protect the head, but many little ones, protection provided courtesy of EPP : expanded polypropylene.

Rapid assembly, low cost of production. The helmet stores flat for a fantastic improvement over the current standard for helmets, which are bigger than a head. Just unfold, clip each piece together, and slap it on the head! The entire helmet is made of polypropylene and can break down into entirely separate pieces for ease in recycling – or if you’re feeling really hipster that day, up-cycling.

Where do I sign up? I don’t even wear a helmet when I bicycle now (this is a very dangerous thing to do, I don’t recommend it,) but if these came out, I’d certainly be apt!

Materials: poplypropylene, polypropylene foam
Designed with Patrice Mouille

Designer: Julien Bergignat





Tatoo Bicycle Helmet by Julien Bergignat