Compass, Show Me The Light

Stop right there! Why make a compass digital? Couldn’t I just find north using a real-deal analog compass? Why yes! But this compass right here doesn’t tell you north, south, east, and west, it tells you the direction you want to go! No more maps for you. No more reliance on the magnets of the world! No more even relying on the electricity of the world, this little puck right here has a dynamo for hand charging. How about that?

I know we’ve got some dynamo users out there, would you say this is really “dynamic?”

How do you say, “dynamotastic?”

This device is called the “Kompis,” and for lack of a more nutshelled way to say it: it’s a GPS mapmaker without the annoying lady voice (or Snoop Dogg voice) or visuals. It just works on lights. It does have some audio bits for the interface, but other than that: just a ring around the posy.

Configure either by programming locations in with your computer through a USB cable, or walk around and hit the “remember” button whenever you get to a place you’d like to sometime get back to. The light you see around that ring points in the general direction of your wanted location. It goes from blue to red in a gradient of colors showing how close or far you are from your desired location.

Easy to use, simple controls, simple look.

Fun for explorers!

Designers: Francisco Lindoro and Regimantas Vegele