Oblique Method in Chair Creation

From the pits of imagination comes this! The non-regularly angled chair! Yes, from the bent mind of designer Sung-Hyeop Seo comes this chair whose main objective is to bend regularity just that little bit more than average. Tired of square after square, perfect circle after perfect circle in furniture making, Sung-Hyeop created this chair, the “OBC 01” to resist! OBC 01 stands for Oblique Chair number one! Design change begins here!

Now, this isn’t the first chair to ever have a non-regular angle. Duh. There are chairs and chairs and chairs that do that already. It’s the thought of the thing – the stripped-down look, feel, and direct sitting function, all of this, that turns the mind to the obliqueness of it all. All of it, all of it so oblique.

Size/ H 730, W 665, D 780 (mm)
Material / Wood

Designer: Sung-Hyeop Seo

Oblique Chair by Seo Sung-Hyeop