This reusable face mask uses a pleated N99 filter to let you breathe 99% clean air

Like all good products, the Respo mask isn’t about just highlighting a single good feature. It’s a culmination of multiple features and details that come together to form something greater than just the sum of its parts. The Respo is an aesthetic hard-shell face-mask with a removable pleated N99 filter, a flexible TPE gasket, around-the-head elastic adjustable straps, and a clear PolyCarbonate face-shield. It’s a mask that’s built to be worn for long hours without feeling any discomfort, and that pleated N99 filter does a far better job of trapping microparticles and microorganisms than a flat HEPA filter sheet.

The pleated filter isn’t new to purification. It’s found in most domestic and commercial air-purifiers… in fact, open your car’s hood and you’ll see one inside too, filtering air for the car’s AC. The idea of pleating a filter, however, is very new to consumer face masks, but that’s probably because the category has only exploded over the last 6 months. While pleating a filter does make it much more effective, it also contributes to a mask’s thickness, but the guys at Response Laboratory have figured out a balance between effective pleating and an overall sleek design. Respo’s filter exceeds the N99 standards, trapping even the finest particulate matter including viruses, allergens, pollen, and bacteria to deliver 99.5% clean air to your nose and mouth. The filter snaps right into the Respo hard-shell mask, which is engineered with a valve-less design for overall safety. The recycled ABS outer shell creates a spacious chamber inside the mask, while the TPE gasket around the rim ensures the utmost comfort for all face-types (even if you have a beard).

The Respo mask comes in a standard variant as well as a full-face variant outfitted with a face-shield module. Designed to cover your eyes along with purifying air for your nose and mouth, the Full Face Respo mask features a curved PolyCarbonate shield that molds to cover your face by curving around your forehead and temples to create a 180° protective visor. Whether you opt for the full-face variant or the standard variant, the Respo is entirely modular and can be disassembled to either replace the N99 filter or to sanitize the rest of the components. Each mask ships with 10 replaceable N99 filters, giving you over 400 hours of use. The Respo masks come in a range of sizes across a variety of colors, and are set to begin shipping in October 2020.

Designer: William Wood

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Respo – Valve-less Engineered Face Masks

The Respo is a reusable engineered face mask offering advanced protection with N99 efficient filtration.

Comfortable airflow on both inhalation and exhalation through a unique pleated N99 filter. The mask is 100% recyclable and are making their masks available wholesale for healthcare workers around the globe.

The Respolab mask has been co-developed by a group of industry leading companies to ensure its performance is as good as it can be. The focus has been on simplicity and quality to create a product that is easily manufactured and cost-effective for the end-user.

The Mask

The Full Face Mask

Replaceable Filter Cartridges

Ultra comfortable, Easy breathing, Innovative curved filter: FFP3 pleated media with a surface area 5x greater than traditional mask. If you are wearing a mask for any period of time you are really going to notice the difference.

Filter Change & Maintenance

The graphic shows the inadequacies of some more common mask types, especially those with valves that allow the spread of small particles.

Respo’s valve-less face mask with high flow filter addresses current mask flaws.

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $63 (20% off). Hurry, only 66/250 left! Raised over $180,000.