The Perfect Mini-gym for your New Year Resolutions!

You know what, swapping weight training with elastic training is such a goddamn brilliant idea, I’m kicking myself! Instead of lifting large, heavy, potentially lethal pieces of metal to train your muscles, why don’t we just pull elastic cords! The heavier the weight, the more cords you pull! Genius!

The Bodyboss 2.0 uses that precise principle to super-compress your entire gymming experience into something that’s literally the size of a doormat. With minimal equipment, the Bodyboss helps you simulate virtually any type of exercise. The base mat is incredibly sturdy and allows you to tether the cables to it. Strap the other ends of the cables to a bar, handles, or to wrist-straps and you’re ready to work out! The Bodyboss’ incredibly small footprint makes it perfect for people who want to work out, but either don’t have access to the equipment, or don’t have enough space in their homes. Plus, with how ridiculously small it is, you can even take the Bodyboss outdoors, maybe to the beach, or on a holiday!

Designer: Ross Oltorik

Buy It Here: $145.99 $229.00