TravSAFE Luggage Aint Nothin to Mess With

Alert the airplane police! They’re about to have a whole lot of confused airport burglars on their hands. This project by Shing Lo’s got the “Design Out Crime” tagline attached to it. Why? Because it’s a one-luggage thief deterrent, that’s why. It’s got a honeycomb interior. Locks. A passive alarm system. An active alarm system (that you can set off.)

And it looks so fashionable!

Active alarm system: should the thief who wants your bag get caught trying to rip the bag from your hands, just pull the trigger, breaking it off, and boom! Sparks shoot off and smoke pours from the package. Not only that, an audio alarm sounds loudly too! This thievery will not be private.

Passive alarm system: should the thief take your bag while you’re foolishly forgetting you even had it, have no fear! Unless the thief is lazy and decides to drag it across the floor that is, because this alarm activates when it senses it’s a certain distance away from the floor. This time no smoke though, only loud noises.

All this and a fabulously reinforced interior, honeycomb style.

Designer: Shing Lo

TravSAFE by Shing Lo






  • Tim says:

    With all the heightened airport security having a bag which starts smoking is a very bad idea.

  • brack says:

    I like the idea of “designing out crime”, but this one leaves me more frightened than having my bag stolen.

    …”this alarm activates when it senses it’s a certain distance away from the floor”

    So if you put this bag in the overhead compartment, the alarm goes off. Bad idea. Even if there is no thief, and the alarm goes off or smoke rolls out, then they will clear the terminal and rescreen everyone. Whoever has one of these will become the most hated person in the airport.

  • mif991 says:

    Shing Lo, I realize this is a student design and I give you props for going all out. But you have to understand that a smoking luggage will not only create panic it will bring police, a bomb squad and create an airport shutdown of the first degree. The costs for this chaos will be great for his/her owner, who will also be held in prison for a day or two.

  • PF says:

    I’m in line with everyone else here on this design… a smoking bag at an airport will cause WAY more trouble than the designer is anticipating. Plus, lifting your bag off the ground shouldn’t make an alarm go off. What about loading it into your car trunk to drive to the airport? Or putting it on the belt for the xray scanner? This just seems a bit too ridiculous to ever have a practical market.

  • Its another good designer..I like the design not a

  • modern says:

    Whoever designed this is an utter idiot. Enjoy guantanamo bay.

  • kps9727 says:

    I share the concerns with the alarm tripping when the luggage is lifted. How does the luggage identify who is lifting it, or what purpose it’s being lifted for?

    Maybe you could have the alarm trigger when it gets a certain distance away from a bluetooth object, such as a watch, that the owner wears. To keep false alarms from happening, the watch alerts the owner and allows the owner to cancel the alarm if something expected (like the luggage being taken away for loading into the plane) is happening.

    Also, anything smoking or otherwise incendiary is not going to be welcomed through airport security. Probably best to stick to an audio alarm only.

  • Nick says:

    what happens if the battery dies? Also there is a good liklihood that a thief would roll away with the luggage as to not seem suspicious. Also what happens when you have to pick it up off the floor to put it through x-ray? Or you accidentally push the button in your pocket while sitting on the plane!

  • Confucius says:

    hahaha this is another case of a designer not thinking before designing. Shing Lo- Its becoming obvious the fatal flaws in this design isn’t it? Feel silly? Your giving us all a bad rep.

  • Its another good designer..I like the design not a

  • evil dude says:

    I totally agree with most of what is written above. An airport is a different world and just applying “classic” patterns of anti-theft protection will not work. Regarding the actual situation I guess we have to rethink the whole baggage issue when it comes to traveling by plane.

    Anyway, nice presentation, but unfortunately not such a thought-out product. Is this becoming a new trend…?

  • Vasil says:

    Helpful ….

  • stephen russell says:

    Concept needs to retrofit to all luggage brands & need to Tone down some of those Security features to:

    1. whistle sound

    2. shock thief mild?

    BUT NO smoke & bang, Very Bad.

    Rethink concept again & readapt to all luggage models in use now.

  • AlienzExist says:

    Yea, a bag that smokes to protect you. Cuz we all know how good smoke is while traveling in planes or trains.

  • Hunter says:

    mace is not allowed on airplanes… i don’t think they would let riot-gas luggage on either…

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