Creativity In Smell Can Reward Handsomely!

Home remedies of using baking soda or vinegar for getting rid of domestic odors are good to learn in grade school. In the real world we need more sophisticated methods to do away with sickening smells. So if I were to ask you, what’s your brightest idea for preventing domestic smell, would you have one for me? I wouldn’t reward you tho, however if you presented it to the Swirl Smell Fighters Innovation Contest, you could win handsome prizes!


Participating in the Swirl Smell Fighters Innovation Contest is easy, you register your account, submit your ideas and solutions on how to prevent domestic smell or contribute challenges for the community which describe problems and specific needs. Discuss and evaluate the proposals and win great prizes for the ideas and for being the most active contest member!

Some Important Notes:

  • It is important, that you focus your ideas and thoughts on the prohibition of domestic smells and not on covering them.
  • Deadline for submission of ideas challenges is January 11th, 2010
  • Announcement of winners: February 5th, 2010


  • 1st prize: 2.000 €
  • 2nd prize: 1.000 €
  • 3rd prize: 500 €

Details for the contest can be found here, and if you want to see what others are up to, hit this link.