Yanko Claus: Planet Dog WOOF WOOF!

UPDATE: Congrats Elle!

Christmas may be over but we’re not going to forget about our four-legged friends. Thanks to Planet Dog, we’re gifting an awesome package of dog toys. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me why you love your doggie. You have until 11:59 PM PST tonight and remember, we’re still gifting something away almost everyday this month so check back!

Sponsor: Planet Dog


What’s up for grabs!

  • Gingerbread Buddy
  • Naughty or Nice Lil’ Buds
  • Orbee-Tuff Bulbs (one red and one green)
  • Orbee-Tuff Lil’ Bulbs (one red and one grean)
  • Snowball
  • Glow for Good Ball

About Planet Dog:

Our mission is to amuse, explore, support, innovate, create, educate, celebrate and philanthropate… all in the name of the dog. We romp the romp by providing financial resources to those in need, educating consumers about canine-related issues, creating an array of non-toxic and recyclable products, and keeping the tails of our pack wagging.

Planet Dog’s flagship initiative is the Planet Dog Foundation. Since 2006, PDF has donated more than $500,000 in cash and product donations. Our internal mantra of think globally, act doggedly, keeps us focused on the higher cause of why we entered this industry…wagging, drooling, sniffing, snuggling, howling, romping dogs.


  • Matt says:

    My Australian Shepherd is an awesome dog. He would love to have something new to chew on this winter.


  • arash says:

    My doggie is shaggy.

  • Trey Bishop says:

    I love my dog, Tabasco, so much, I commissioned an Andy Warholesque pop art painting of her for Christmas. The reason I love her so dearly is that she can manage to keep a smile on my girlfriend’s face, in the rare circumstances, when I cannot. Thanks Tabasco!!

  • range says:

    My Frenchie Spike has always been the perfect companion.

  • Mark says:

    I think we take better care of our dogs than some do with their children. We love Tama and Jazzie, and like you’ll hear many parents say…I can’t imagine my life without them.
    Tama is a 10 year old German Sheppard who loves his soccer ball, and being outside. Jazzie is our 5 year old Golden Retriever who is the “cheerleader” of the family – a bit of a klutz, but loves everyone she meets.
    They both would really enjoy these gifts.
    Thank you.


  • Emma says:

    My dog Em-J is full of energy, lots of fun and can do high fives! We always end the day with a cuddle on the sofa 🙂 I love my doggie.

  • Katrina says:

    I love my dog because she is great with people, and great with my cousin who tries to carry her everywhere even though they are the same height. She can be calm and crazy, but always loving.

  • Rham says:

    We have seven dogs (three Siberian Huskies, Mastiff, Border Collie, German Shepard/Mastiff mix, & a Shar Pei mix), most of which we have adopted after having been abused by former owners. They all have plenty of room to run as we live on six acres, but they deserve all the toys they can get. One can imagine the cost/time it takes to properly take care of each and every one of them, and it would be nice to give the dogs something more.

    Have a happy New Year everybody!

  • Octavio says:

    Hey Yanko man!
    Thanks for the heads up of this upcoming gifts away for my friend Lucas, a Golden Retriever that is the coolest of all dogs in Mexico (sorry guys, it is just that he is great). He is so nice that he does not like to bark. He just loves people, and he knows how to bark (which he does when he is really really angry) but other than that, he is cool having fun.

    A good, big, loud, noisy, musical, and chewy toy for him to enjoy would be great for him.
    Thanks a lot!

  • mif991 says:

    My Toby is a maltese male. When I come home from work he starts a celebration running around the house playing “Chase” and then he settles on my lap or by my feet when I sit down to watch TV. He always seeks my company. I bought him for my wife, but he prefers to hang out with me.

  • Collin says:

    Tucker (my dog) gets the paper for me every Sunday from the end of the driveway. He also gets me beer out of the fridge.

  • Lisa says:

    I like my dogs because they make me laugh when I’m having a bad day.

  • Larry N. says:

    My dog is awesome for company, and he’s extremely friendly!

  • Bill G says:

    Abby, our beautiful and loving 6 year old Animal Rescue German Pointer/Australian Shepherd mix suffered a spinal stroke (FCE) three months ago, leaving her paralyzed in the rear without bladder or bowel control. She got great medical care, but was in the hospital for 10 days. Her neurologist said the prognosis was poor as there’s no medical cure. However, she also said that she MAY heal given time and lot’s of care and love. Which she has gotten! After months of daily physical and electro-stim therapy at home and aqua-therapy twice a week, she’s almost fully recovered! 100% on her left leg, bladder and bowel control, about 60% on her affected right leg, not much on her right foot yet! But, she goes through a toy a week at her swim therapy, so… she sure would like some more toys! She’s pure love, and expresses it to everybody who’s been helping her recover.

  • Elle says:

    I love my American Eskimo, Polar. He is a purebred Eskimo and was rescued from the shelter the day he was supposed to be put down. He had run away 3 times from his previous owner (apparently, he had recently been neutered and I suppose he must not have felt safe!). I’ve had him for 4 years now and I let him sit in the garage and go on walks at the dog beaches in Huntington Beach, and WHENEVER I do, he doesn’t try to run away and always stays close by my side.
    He has been my best friend, and an excellent guardian of the house ( he doesn’t bark just for the sake of barking— he gives’warning barks’ when there is a stranger walking onto our property, as well as barking at opossums when they come too close to the patio door). He never begs for food, but he loves to be pet- and when he’s happy, his ears lay flat against his head and he REALLY looks like a baby seal!

    He’s adorable, he’s my Polar, and I love him!

  • clay h says:

    no matter how much work gets me down, they always can put a smile on my face… especially once we got past the whole “leaving presents on the carpet” thing haha

  • Eric says:

    My doggie is funny.

  • Andrew says:

    even though he’s getting old, he still acts like silly puppy.

  • Edwin says:

    I have an adopted black Lab just like the one above, although she is suffering from a skin infection at the moment (and costing me tons at the vet), so I could not get her anything for Christmas… :'(

  • Jodi B says:

    We have 2 dogs, Sophie our Dalmation and Jack a Bishon-Poodle. They both think they are lap dogs. Sophie has learned to HUG by putting her head on our shoulders and pushing in, Jack LOVES to come up and sit in our lap and snuggle. Our dogs are an important part of our lives, they go everywhere with us .. they really LOVE going camping with us in the Spring, summer and fall. They LOVE their toys!! They would love these!!!

  • Jessie says:

    My sweet pup always matches my mood. She loves to hike and she loves to lay around on the couch. She is the most laid back lab/border collie ever.

  • Kenneth Delaney says:

    My pup Josie is a 2 year old lab/border collie mix. Her amazing spirit and constant playfulness never fails to brighten up my day, even when she gets in the trash. Maybe these toys could help keep her wet little nose out of the can!

  • Timmy Borgmeyer says:

    Even when the day is stressful at work I am always greeted by my old lab who always puts a smile on my face no matter what has happened that day. I love him so much.

  • Robert says:

    Because Maggie can be so excited to see me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sptEppii3Fo and she can be excited to see her best human friend after a nine month absence. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oO9ft7gZABU

    Because she learned the difference between the commands for ‘growl’ and ‘speak’. Because she learned what ‘do your business’ meant but never really let on that she knew because she also knew that pooping usually meant the walk was over. Because even though she’s my dog, she loves my wife most of all. And because we got her six weeks before my mom died, and she became the emotional bridge that helped us get through it.

    You don’t have to award me the prize, but it’s good to remember why we love her.

  • Victoria says:

    Rascal is the most crasiest dog I have ever had. The name fits him well as he keeps us laughing each and every day with his antics. He loves his toys and goes nuts with them..shaking his head back and forth real fast, throwing it in the air and chasing after them..Just too funny.

    His name is rascal but I always call him buddy. He is always wanting to be by myside and I love that.

  • Josh says:

    I love my dog, ChiChi, for many reasons, but also because of the fact that he was only given 6 months to live after being diagnosed with Cushing’s Syndrome. That was a year and a half ago, and happily with weekly treatment he is alive and well, and still acting like a puppy every chance he gets.

    He’s a spoiled little ball of fur, but he’s the only “kid” I have, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

  • Jo Jo says:

    I love my dog because I love my dog. Must there be a reason to love or like somebody or something?

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