One Cannot Resist the Romantic Fruit Pianist

Oh the iPod DJ. Have you ever seen one? You know how… not awesome… it looks. But take a peek at this. This is the electronic piano – Apple stamped on it – that can display your music, turn your pages, and teach you to play! Those who’ve gotten especially good at turning the page while playing might be a little sad on this, but those are the same people that got mad when they found out CDs would make music a lot clearer than vinyl. (And noone’s got love for 8-tracks but Cheap Trick.)

The iPiano stores and displays your electronic music scores. The display in the center is where you read everything, and it’s a touch screen. If you’re in to composing music, the display can record your keys as well! Take control of your key-jamming world with 3 plug-in holes and a single button.

P.S. You’ve gotta visit Lee’s info page of choice. He’s got a crazy look about him!

Designer: 李慧凯 Heyki Lee

iPiano by Heyki Lee 01

iPiano by Heyki Lee 02

iPiano by Heyki Lee 03

iPiano by Heyki Lee 04

iPiano by Heyki Lee 05


  • Carl says:

    please no more i-products…

  • M.S.W. says:

    This would make for a decent “case-mod” for a iMac.

  • Wybie says:

    i heard Audi just designed a piano, it looks pretty cool

  • Ja says:

    it is better without any “i-” prefix.

  • Lucyus says:

    c’mon, anyone can give a better name to it.

  • jason chen says:

    I think the “i-products” killed design

  • Confucius says:

    Agreed, i-vomit. Although this design is ‘nice’ I think its too reserved, you could have gone to town on it, its on the right path but it needs to push the envelope more to get more than 5 stars.

  • SLcnDaE says:

    I appreciate i-~ I support you lee.That is so cool!

  • M.S.W. says:

    The Power jack/charge, USB and Headphone jacks are in a odd location for operation, as well as takes away from the symmetry of the main interface.

    The location of these ports makes for the headphone cord to dangle close, or on top of (the cord is long) the keyboard. The ports could be easily be hidden behind a sliding panel next to the monitor. As far as headphones a wireless one that could be stowed behind the panel would be optimal as well.

  • db-design says:

    sticking i infront of the product name, making it white and fitting a touch screen does not equal good design. it is just another run of the mill apple rip off

  • Jeremiah says:

    i-Quit… The prefix is f*cking rediculous now, seriously… Stop being lazy and put some freaking thought into a name for a product -_- God…

  • Sam, Wisconsin says:

    Great old concept brought back to life. If you are a piano man, you’d appreciate it, check more on it, and ask for the price.

    This message is for all the grumpy comments left above: I need to play on the piano, then I need a paperless music notes, then I need to record what I play, then I need to play back what I played, then I need to take the music that I played in my pocket and walk away with it, then I need to play it for friends, producers, publishers, etc. ON THE SPOT. What better serves this than hooking my electric piano to an i-Pod?

    simple smart solution. Any other solutions out there? grumpy whinners?

  • matt says:

    it’s a good idea, but I think what everyone’s getting at is that just because it’s an electronic device (albeit a music related one)doesn’t mean it has to be Mac design.

    would love to see this with a refreshingly new aesthetic and brand identity!

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