One Cannot Resist the Romantic Fruit Pianist

Oh the iPod DJ. Have you ever seen one? You know how… not awesome… it looks. But take a peek at this. This is the electronic piano – Apple stamped on it – that can display your music, turn your pages, and teach you to play! Those who’ve gotten especially good at turning the page while playing might be a little sad on this, but those are the same people that got mad when they found out CDs would make music a lot clearer than vinyl. (And noone’s got love for 8-tracks but Cheap Trick.)

The iPiano stores and displays your electronic music scores. The display in the center is where you read everything, and it’s a touch screen. If you’re in to composing music, the display can record your keys as well! Take control of your key-jamming world with 3 plug-in holes and a single button.

P.S. You’ve gotta visit Lee’s info page of choice. He’s got a crazy look about him!

Designer: 李慧凯 Heyki Lee

iPiano by Heyki Lee 01

iPiano by Heyki Lee 02

iPiano by Heyki Lee 03

iPiano by Heyki Lee 04

iPiano by Heyki Lee 05