United Nations Goes ANT

Rollin on six wheels bringin some gear. The A.N.T. vehicle is first and foremost an aid vehicle. ANT stands for Aid Necessities Transporter, mover of food, water, medical supplies, and housing units. And what you’re gonna love the most is the fabulous way it takes on and drops off it’s extremely helpful cargo for those in seriously urgent need.

First, it’s name isn’t only clever, it has to do with the weight it can bear: 10-50 times it’s own weight, and it’s quick efficient ability to move over any terrain. It’s got two modes: transport mode and rapid mode. In transport mode it carries slightly less than conventional supply trucks, but with much quicker transport time and over much more insane terrain.

In rapid mode, the front rotates 90 degrees downward for, yes, even more RAPID return for more supplies.

The wheels are individually powered.

The load is often a temporary housing unit. These units transform with a simple rotation of it’s side panels. Inside can be found medical supplies, food, and water. Also contained within is electricity and clean water generators.

Since the vehicle is meant to travel in groups, each one provides only accommodation for one driver. And if I was in the UN, that one person would be me! And I would drive it straight to the moon, Alice…

Straight to the moon!

Designer: Bryan Lee






ANT Vehicle by Brian Lee