United Nations Goes ANT

Rollin on six wheels bringin some gear. The A.N.T. vehicle is first and foremost an aid vehicle. ANT stands for Aid Necessities Transporter, mover of food, water, medical supplies, and housing units. And what you’re gonna love the most is the fabulous way it takes on and drops off it’s extremely helpful cargo for those in seriously urgent need.

First, it’s name isn’t only clever, it has to do with the weight it can bear: 10-50 times it’s own weight, and it’s quick efficient ability to move over any terrain. It’s got two modes: transport mode and rapid mode. In transport mode it carries slightly less than conventional supply trucks, but with much quicker transport time and over much more insane terrain.

In rapid mode, the front rotates 90 degrees downward for, yes, even more RAPID return for more supplies.

The wheels are individually powered.

The load is often a temporary housing unit. These units transform with a simple rotation of it’s side panels. Inside can be found medical supplies, food, and water. Also contained within is electricity and clean water generators.

Since the vehicle is meant to travel in groups, each one provides only accommodation for one driver. And if I was in the UN, that one person would be me! And I would drive it straight to the moon, Alice…

Straight to the moon!

Designer: Bryan Lee






ANT Vehicle by Brian Lee


  • Chris says:

    Nice idea, lots of details, good design.

    But one question comes to my mind. How’s the sitting/lying position of the driver? As the cabin rotates by 90° I wonder how it looks like. Lying totally flat during cruising and standing during transport? Or is there an extra mechanism integrated that keeps the driver in a constant angle?

    There are so many details in the concept I guess the designer has an answer…

    Greets Chris

  • Chris says:

    sorry! *blush*

    “reclined” not lying! (misguided by mother tongue)


  • Stijn says:

    I love this concept. If only it could carry some of the shipping containers the real world uses. That would make this a practical solution in stead of a far-away dream.

  • Bryan Lee says:

    Hey guys, thanks for your comments. Im the designer of this vehicle and happy to answer some of your questions.

    Firstly, i would just like a small spelling correction. My name is Bryan with a ‘y’. 🙂

    @Chris – You are correct with the extra mechanism. When the headpiece rotates, the seat itself also rotates adjusting to a normal seating arrangement. The steering wheel will be connected to the seat itself and the vehicle will be drive by wire with heads up display. This way, the driver will not feel the rotation but merely a levitating feel.

    @Stijn – haha thanks. My earlier concepts consisted mainly of conventional shipping containers. However, i could not achieve the aesthetic appeal i was looking for, and being a grad project, i wanted to push the boundaries and design something that not only works but eventually look good sitting on my desk. 🙂

  • zach says:

    While you’re at it, I was wondering how the housing unit would fold out, from the looks of the video, it seems like it’s pulling out more than twice it’s size from no where in particular, unless there’s some sort of accordion motion going on.

    Also: do you have any tips? this is what I want to do when I get older.

  • greg says:

    this is great but in the second configuration as a supply truck it would be a death trap for the driver in a head on collision

    • Canastrophy says:

      Agreed, it would need a bit more protection.

      Maybe instead of one big cockpit two smaller windows that fit both driving phases could suffice. Also a rollover bar should make sure that in the event of the vehicle falling on it’s top the driver won’t be trapped.

  • Friso says:

    Great. I think this is a good idea for modernizing the way of cargo transportation.

  • Shoot the wheels please or the mechanisms, disable the vehicle, get the goods. U.N. is not UPS or DHL or something like that.

  • Mezcal says:

    hm, seems like yanko only posts transportation if its a cad rendering. ive never seen a sketch or some ps rendering, plus as far as i can tell its always some spaceship with sharks and explosions and tons of shotline? no love for some production design?

  • Bryan Lee says:

    Hey guys!

    @zach – the extension of the housing unit is actually a rib like structure with a high durable fabric connecting each rib. That way, it allows the extra expansion. Regarding tips, are you talking about wanting to be an industrial designer? Or designing these types of vehicles in particular. I designed this mainly because my end goal is to be in the game and film industry. Main tips I can give is to start early, get into uni studying industrial design and design things that best shows what you are interested in. 🙂

    @greg and Canastrophy – regarding protection, it is a very valid point and i also have looked into this throughout this year. In earlier concepts i had like a hockey mask type structure which is purely for protection which also goes accordingly with the transformation. However, surprisingly, it looked a lot more cartoony than expected. With this design, i decided to put internal truss structures within the interior itself, and the glass will not be ordinary glass but certainly extra reinforced glass.

    @Frisco – thanks 🙂

    Feel free to post anymore questions. Merry Christmas!


  • Chris Burns says:

    Sorry about the misspelling B! Wont happen again!

  • Hero says:

    Hey Bryan,

    Nice work! And very nice renders… Which softwares are you using: these renders look awesome. Keep it up!

  • Bryan Lee says:

    @Chris Burns – haha no worries.. ive been called Brian many many times 😛

    @hero – hey, thanks 🙂 i used Hypershot, Rhino and Maya

  • ed says:

    If you must design something,
    . . . why NOT make it a Multi-functional Vehicle,
    . . . that everyone can use.

    ANT (A Necessities Transporter)
    1) Basic commuter car and
    2) Basic pickup and
    3) Basic van and
    4) Basic camper and
    5) Basic boat hauler and
    6) Basic snowplow and
    7) Basic tow truck and
    Basic delivery vehicle, all in one.




  • Sam, Wisconsin says:

    Where is the door knob?

    On second thought….

    Where is the door?

    • greg says:

      I just thought the canopy flipped open somehow…hmmm maybe I’m to much of a forward thinker. I also thought that the control system was completely all HUD with maybe some sort of gesture control.

  • Muzhik says:

    Have you gotten any interest from the toy companies? I can really see this as being next Christmas’ “must-buy” toy! 😀

  • Nice concept for a promising future…

    Excellent visualizations! Congratultions

  • greg says:

    Hey everyone, this is a bit off subject. I’m interested in putting some of these ideas i have floating around in the ole gray matter and was wondering what the easiest program is to do this. I stopped using ACAD back around ACAD 9 or 10.

  • humza khan says:

    this is really great design, good job! I dig the whole concept

  • stephen russell says:

    Apps for
    Search & rescue
    Id be neat to ride this to the Line 1 of my ZipLine experience alone in Mazatlan Mex.
    Be real neat.
    Produce this worldwide.
    Nice 4X4 & SUV for civilian marketplace alone.
    Great for ANG & MC Reserve units.
    Send to Afganistan.

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