Future Of Delivery, Both Human And Cargo

The year is 2038 and the mode of transport is the VW Breathe. Its functions are clearly defined: Quick light delivery service, Public transportation & Personal commuter. Area of commute is of course a metropolis city, and what’s intriguing is that this fully GPS driven vehicle has two modes: human transporting and goods delivering.

For the benefit of space efficiency on the road in a big city, the Breathe will be used both as a private commuter and delivery device, so that the number of the transportation devices will be decreased. The Breathe reduces the unnecessary usage of private vehicles, public transportation, and even delivery vehicles by transforming into three different modes. Designed with advanced materials, the Breathe can transform its body shape and proportion.

Designer: Chansong Park

The first animation explains about the functions of the Breathe concept, and how it works in detail.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5ds3y4xoiM 605 445]

The second animation shows one of the potential illustrations of how the Breathe concept can be used in both commuter and delivery modes.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyeFuDN53_E&feature=related 605 445]

Breathe - Private Delivery Commuter by Chansong Park






  • jdi says:

    Why should all be so complicated?
    when you design the do-it-all car (or whatever) you end up with a can’t-do-nothing object (more trash?).
    The concept already exists with better and simpler solutions.
    GPS?! It is old right now, I hope there will be more advanced technologies in the next 28 years…computers thinking as human brains by 2030 for example.
    I think if we are still here by 2038, we will be riding a bycicle :P.
    By the way where will be ergonomics by 2038?

  • mif991 says:

    The future needs to be attractive in appearance and minimalistic…..

  • daffe says:

    nice concept!:) wish i could have one like that in near future. Animations really worked out!
    helped me understand the concepts. congrats!

  • Wow what an eye opener, really makes you realise how far we have come in technology if something like this were to exist in the future, thanks for sharing.

  • Confucius says:

    I really like the form of the ‘delivery mode’ I say run with that one, and develop it a bit more to something you might see in the next 5 years as opposed to 30!

  • So, I do not get to drive this at all? Same reason why I drive a car instead of being driven, it is fun!

    • CodyFrisbee says:

      That’s exactly why I still don’t buy all these robot car ideas. People like to drive. They don’t want to be chauffeured by robots.

  • I love the future, just a shame I will be to old and cranky to appreciate it. Lets hope so. Nice article thanks for sharing.

  • I love the future, just a shame I will be to old and cranky to appreciate it. Lets hope so. Nice article thanks for sharing.

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