Bamboo Fashioned Bam!

BamTrike is a three-wheeler that goes with the fancy tag of being a Personal Mobility Vehicle. Besides sporting a really unique form, the most intriguing part of this concept is the usage of Bamboo as a building material. The choice stems from the fact that structurally, bamboo compares to fiberglass, in woven form. The rider of the vehicle gets to sit in a comfy reclined position and the side storage pockets are sufficient to carry your personals. As a recreational vehicle, it really looks neat!

BamTrike is a part of an ongoing research by Monash student Alexander Vittouris, so we can expect frequent updates to this project.

Here is an excerpt:

The parts required for construction of the recumbent chassis have been reduced to encompass the outer framework of the vehicle. By using large molding sections of bamboo fiber, combined with Polylactide resin, the overall assembly complexities are reduced. The philosophy behind this innovative approach is to motivate the consumer in active production of the outcome and enhance the feeling of ownership via positive contribution. The challenge of successive concepts is to find additional ways of making the raw material of bamboo benefit the intention of naturally derived personal mobility.

Designer: Alexander Vittouris

BamTrike Personal Mobility Vehicle by Alexander Vittouris