Wind-Powered M6 Speedster

This right here is a wind-powered car. It has three wheels, a giant fin on the back, and inside this post there’s a pretty lady standing next to it. Now, that’s pretty impressive by itself. But! What else is there? There’s a sweet paint job, Formula 1 carbon composite body parts, rudder, wings, and a direct current motor that converts small wind into momentum!

Intrepid learned design-minded readers, humor me for a moment here, tell me if this could possibly work:

The M-6 is wind powered car which is solely powered by wind. it runs on a direct current motor which converts small wind in momentum, as the momentum increase the intake of wind drives the car faster.

Then take a gander at the rest of these statistics that could very well stand on their own, without a wind-powered motor. The body of the car is indeed made of carbon composites like a Formula 1 racing car. It uses its rudder and wings as sails, allowing the car speeds of up to 120 miles per hour. It produces zero carbon emissions, looks fresh, and reminds me of a certain “Racer” family-owned car team.

Designer: Funfere Koroye



M6 Wind Powered Car by Funfere Koroye