Eco Bus

I hate getting behind a bus in traffic! The nasty, smelling, diesel fuel exhaust smoking up the road in front of me. It stinks, and pollutes the air around me. No wonder we have so much pollution in bigger cities that are filled with these pollution machines. Yet, how can we live without them? Easy, just ask Volvo. Volvo has created the Volvo 7700, the first hybrid bus that is promising major green delivery. The 7700 promises to reduce fuel consumption by 30% – a perfect solution to the rising fuel prices. In addition to the lower fuel consumption, the Volvo hybrid reduces the discharge of particles and nitrous oxides by 40-50% compared to the diesel bus. Hang on, cause it only gets better! Volvo has equipped these sweet little beauties to run as a parallel hybrid. Using the Volvo I-Sam hybrid system, the bus can be powered by the electric motor which is charged by the braking system, or the diesel engine which can be used separately or simultaneously. Thank you Volvo for sparing us from those nasty, smelly fumes.

Via: Below The Clouds & IgreenSpot