Wild Stool Invites nature into your space to make you feel relaxed

Nature helps us feel relaxed and calm. We enjoy being immersed in nature and taking in Mother Earth’s beauty. For most of us, however, living in the wild is not a realistic option, but we can find a creative way to live with nature. The most common and simplest way to incorporate the natural world into our daily lives is to bring plants into our space. Having indoor plants not only improves the overall appearance of a room but also boosts moods, increases creativity, and reduces stress, especially when presented in a unique and interesting way.

Designer: Jorge Herrera Studio

Keeping your plants alive and healthy can be challenging for some people, including myself. Nurturing your plants can be demanding of time and an endless chore. You have to water them regularly, maintain the soil moisture at the correct range, keep them at the ideal temperature, and provide an adequate amount of sunlight.

If you wish to have house plants but do not have confidence in your botany skills to keep them alive, you are not out of luck. Wild Stool can be the answer that comes in the most unconventional manner. The collaboration between Spanish designer Jorge Herrera and Greenarea, a Spanish company that specializes in plant decoration, created a biophilic design with plant stabilization technology to deliver Wild Stool. A cylinder-shaped low stool with a transparent base that encapsulates a miniature natural landscape, Wild Stool brings nature into interior spaces with no maintenance needed. Now you can enjoy a bit of nature indoors without all the hassle.

Specimens placed inside the stool are treated with a conservation technique called stabilization, which replaces the natural spa of plants with preservatives. Stabilized plants and flowers retain their structure and natural freshness while eliminating the need for water, sunlight, soil, or fertilizer. The miniature landscape can be customized with mosses, lichens, branches, and flowers. Natural objects such as rocks and sea shells can also be added to create a terrain that provides you with a sense of comfort, tranquility, and inspiration.

Equipped with a natural wooden base, Wild Stool is available in three different seat options – birch, oak, or upholstered seat in sustainable Gabriel fabric for added comfort. The minimalistic design draws attention to the little garden inside the stool and also lets the seat blend seamlessly with existing furniture in your living space. Simple yet unexpected, this terrarium-turned-stool enlivens the space with wonders of the wilderness and gives you a comfortable seat as well.