Light, comfortable, and overly versatile Dropy teardrop trailer has compact foldout kitchen

Teardrop trailers have, arguably, taken the camping world by storm. The industry is flooded with small, mini, and micro trailers with their customization options to fit user desires and requirements. Offering extreme overlanding comfort with a sleeping area and functional galley kitchen in the rear, these lightweight trailers in addition to being exciting and fun are also comfortable and glamorous.

Following the lead arrives Dropy, a light, compact, comfortable and overly versatile teardrop trailer designed and developed by Barcelona-based Drop Campers. While on the exterior, the squared-off Dropy is just an ordinary trailer, it reveals some exciting new ways to keep it simple with an interesting layout.

Designer: Drop Campers

The variation of the Dropy lies in its kitchen, which basically comprises a fold-down traction board at the back alongside a small slide-out to hold a petite stove. This interesting convertible makeover, which is starkly compact in comparison with the rear galley kitchen, leaves more room in the sleeping quarter for the inhabitants to explore. The folding table can double as a work desk or a casual table when you want to just sit and relax outside of your camping trailer.

Always ready for what you throw at it, the Dropy has been designed to travel on tar, gravel, and unbeaten trails without much fuss courtesy of its welded galvanized steel chassis comprising a torsion bar axle and choice of leaf spring or independent suspension. Within its aluminum composite, birch body, black Line-X cabin, insulated with Kaiflex closed-cell rubber, you can experience an unforgettable living space featuring a double mattress, overhead cabinets, and some drawers and shelves for storage.

The interior of the Dropy trailer is well-lit with a skylight, and boat side doors with sliding windows. The camper is more of a shell otherwise starting at €21,500 (approximately $23,500). It is the la carte options that scale up the price and the utility of the Dropy. To that accord, Drop Campers offers a range of options depending on the Crossover (all-road), SUV (all-terrain), or Offroad variant you go for. This includes the choice of 110W rooftop solar panels, lithium battery, hot air heating system, outdoor water tank with road shower, refrigerator, Primus 2-burner gas stove, indoor hanging hammock for kids or pets, bike rack for 2 bicycles, ski and surfboard carriers, side-mounted dresser and outdoor bathroom/toilet, and more.