This right here is called “Root Series No.3.” This right here? It’s a stump. It bridges time, space, and the unbridgeable link between human and nature-made.* It is literally a stump, forced to the surface 50 years after the death of the tree it supported. After surfacing, it was cleaned, polished to a sheen, and made ready to support it’s new charge. The business for it now? A lovely 10mm glass tabletop.

*It’s like the Bigfoot of furniture.

The glass is 10mm thick, toughened and clear, cut to slot over the upward facing root in the center. With the help of carbon fiber rod, it rests firmly on the five remaining root arms, ready for all of your books about ancient trees and the million year old oak forest and all that super stuff!

You could also use this for cups of juice, whiskey glasses, or pie!

Designer: Lloyd and Ed of Random House Studios