OPEN for Bikish Business

All up in Copenhagen. This is a bike system design for the city! An open, “floating” system that allows the people using the bike system to ride a bike, park a bike, do what they came to do, whip out their map, find the closest bike, and ride that bike to their next location. This is the OPENbike system. Fully adjustable, full system in place to place the bikes where they’re needed.

Designed to make tourists of Copenhagen feel as welcome to the bike system in the city as those biking every day! Small wheels, high volume tires for durability, same for the robust frame. Instant adjustability with single-button seat and handlebars. Cable routings, electronics, and wirings inside frame for weather protection. Modern belt drive system. Strong, easily recyclable and replaceable parts.

Low center of gravity, low step-over hight for new and experienced users.

Cargo add-ons for large luggage or extra riders.

RFID reader for access, GSM/GPRS-module for positioning, communication with central system.

LED-lights with light-sensitive sensors that turn on if it’s dark and the bike is in motion. Pedal reflectors, on-board power for electronics. Charging happens through hub-generator that produces 2-3W of electric power while in motion. Accumulator stores energy while not in use. If energy gets too low, “service” signal is sent out and bike is picked up by truck and brought back to central system.

How do you find a bike?

Applications used through modern mobile phones and the internet locate bikes parked nearby – jump aboard!

It’s made for cOPENhagen!

Designer: LOTS Design


OPENbike system by LOTS Design