It’s Simply An Acoustic Robot!

Unabashed, unashamed of his thought process, designer TAN Lun Cheak is bold enough to admit that his Acoustic Robot is nothing but a figment of his imagination. He does not take aid of technology to promote his design. He teases us with words like fantasy, imagination, playfulness – just like a favorite toy. Tell me, are we really slaves to justifications and explanations all the time? Can’t we for once let go and simply enjoy a transformed regular audio speaker?

“I went to space one night in a dream. Battled an evil four-eyed robot. And I destroyed it by wrecking its brains out. I lugged its head back to earth as my trophy and replaced the brain with an ipod. Now it’s my prized home audio system 🙂 “

Designer: TAN Lun Cheak

Acoustic Robot Speaker Design by TAN Lun Cheak