Make My Own Juice

We all know that energy is neither created nor destroyed; it only changes its forms. When we do our daily chores or simply exist, we do expend some amount of it that could be trapped and used to power gadgets and devices. This is the very premise of the “Human Energy Recycle System.” Wearable contraptions (on hands, fingers and wrists) called “Solution Units” come fitted with a battery that stores the harnessed juice. These batteries can be then removed and used to charge basics like cellphones and MP3 players.

At home, the battery units can be inserted into an “Application Built-in Type” and stored. The “Application” units perform the roles of storing and supplying power. There is the option of using a “Application Portable Type” unit, this helps in harnessing energy while doing heavy-duty stuff like exercise machines and cycling.

Here is an idea that can really revolutionize the way we perceive power and energy sources for the future. Essentially making it a portable thing.

Designers: Choi Hyong-Suk & Yun Jung-Sik

Human Energy Recycle System by Choi Hyung-Suk  & Yun Jung-Sik





  • Victor Assis says:

    It’s just not efficient enough to be even considered. A wind plant, or solar plant, or to be a little less green, a hydroelectric plant are many many times more efficient and less expensive.

  • mif991 says:

    I agree with Victor, the only good thing I see here is the willingless to explore all possibilities, but at some point common sense is sacrificed; not the best approach.

  • i-can-fly says:

    I think there’s something good here, even if it’s just as a way to increase people’s awareness of things like energy consumption/generation

  • PatM says:

    Hi, just a quick note: I designed a prototype of this back in 2005, and uploaded to the web for critique and feedback. My design was notably similar and whilst I do not wish to cast doubt over your design process, I must express my concern. Would you be happy to enter into some kind of dialogue with me, as I need to put these fears to rest.

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