This premium hub concept by Electrolux is an essential for organizing kitchen appliances in modern homes


For the past 50 years, Electrolux has been collaborating with the students of the Umeå Institute of Design (UID) to create innovative and excellent product designs for homes of the future – compact homes with space constraint woes that accommodate single residents who need space-saving designs that can help them carry out their day to day chores in a more efficient and streamlined manner. Fourteen students from the Master’s program in Advanced Product Design created concepts for these ‘singletons’ to support their micro-living lifestyles in major cities. And one concept that truly caught my eye was the ‘Electrolux Adapted’, which was designed for single residents staying in the city of Munich.

Designer: Joel Sjödin, Corinna Diestel, and Silvester Kössler for Electrolux


The Electrolux Adapted is the kitchen essential of the future – compact, sleek, and ideal for tiny homes, this masterful concept is for the ‘singletons’ who want to make the most of a small kitchen. If you want to use the countertop for some real cooking, and don’t feel like cramping it with a gazillion appliances, then Adapted is the product for you!

Electrolux Adapted is a premium hub that utilizes the vertical space in a kitchen to organize and hold all the important appliances you need on a daily basis. The system is made up of standardized modules that are mounted effortlessly on a backplate, completely eliminating the need for tools usually required for installation. The backplate supplies all the modules with water and electricity, in an attempt to support highly customizable arrangments. This is especially useful for the kettle module, as you are able to add the exact amount of water you need for your tea/coffee without removing it! Adapted boasts a pretty versatile design since it can either be mounted on a wall, or placed as a free-standing product with an add-on furniture frame.

All the modules are connected via an Electrolux app, allowing them to be used simultaneously or in sync, and enabling users to create their own personal routines. So, you can sync your toaster with your coffee maker, ensuring that both your toast and coffee are ready at the same time for you to gulp down in the morning! The various modules also can be changed and replaced, so users can upgrade their kitchen appliances when the need arises. The Adapted is a flexible and expandable design, so you can make space for more appliances in the future, and for a more intriguing range of combinations.

In a day and age, where space constraints are at an all-time high, and modern-day apartments are as tiny as they come, the Electrolux Adapted is a boon for millennials who live all by themselves and are constantly hunting for the next genius space-saving design! I do hope the Adapted sees the light of day soon.