Entertainment’s Future is to Sit on

Adric Henkel’s go the future of public furniture and home entertaining all figured out right here with a single seat. It’s what basically amounts to a projector and an image collecting seat back – the simplicity of the concept’s where this shines hard. Henkel sees a future where furniture is interactive on a whole new level. Uncontrollable and wild images on the backs of chairs is just the beginning.

Henkel refers to Phillips Lumalive and E-Ink as a couple inspirations for future furniture. In the example of his you see below, it’s less about interactivity and more about entertainment and advertising possibilities.

Imagine the streets full of moving image benches. Imagine your next dinner party having seats displaying images of your family. – Or better yet, say you’re having a Hawaiian-theme party… or a ZOMBIE party – blood and guts everywhere!

Designer: Adric Henkel

Aeon projected image furniture concept by Adric Henkel