Perfect Pan Handling

This project is a pan rack to hold all your pans above your head with the greatest of ease. It’s called “Track Rack” and it’s designed by Damian Evans for Hahn Trading Limited. It’s super fabulous because not only does it hold your pans, it comes in several super nice looking colors. And not only that! It’s also easy to instal. Totally easy to instal. Why, you might ask? Because like all good things that’ve got to be level should, this project comes standard with a bubble level.

Hang it straight, hang it from a sloped ceiling, do whatever you want, you’ll always have a rack with some level hung pans. Get the Track Rack in cream, blue, or black. Steel cables hold it up, color comes in at the hooks. Watch out so you don’t bonk your head.

Designer: Damian Evans for Hahn Trading Limited