Your Car In 2030

Envisage a futuristic vehicle that draws inspiration from the beautiful and organic shapes of nature and blends it with advanced ec0-technologies, making the cities healthier. Intended for ultra-crowded cities of 2030 and beyond, the Bionic concept car runs on solar energy generated by a see-through polycarbonate roof with attached solar photovoltaic cells.

Featuring advanced and optimized materials (EAP-electro-active polymer layers) to change its shape in order to fit the varied needs of different users, the futuristic car also integrates advanced in-wheel motor technology, Nano PV cells and lithium ION battery for zero carbon emissions. Since the electric motor is placed within the wheels, the car can rotate on a sharp 360° angle with minimum fuss. The sustainable vehicle also includes an interactive display that allows the user to watch and control the vehicle’s reshaping options, GPS navigation and music player, while the modification zones are placed into the seat surfaces to control the expression of the seats for better comfort.

Designer: Vlad Icobet

Bionic Concept Car by Vlad Icobet