Camping With Consciousness

It’s all hunky-dory to go camping with a trailer till you need to get to the cleaning part. From what I know, very few really enjoy cleaning up the sewage and trash that they generate on the spot (unless you opt for a trailer park where amenities are available). The other alternative can be tugging on the C3 Hotel Cube that takes care of your every comfort. A mobile hotel with sewage storage option, so that you can do the cleaning up later… after the party is over!

The Cube employs clever use of opening panels to give you the feeling of open spaces, within its limited confines. The simple interiors and limited amenities are solar powered.

I don’t have a camper trailer, but I’m pretty sure that if I were to get one, it would be on similar lines.

Designers: Jianbo Huang & Ting Zhao from Jiangnan University

C3 Hotel Cube - Mobile Hotel for Short-distance Travel by Jianbo Huang & Ting Zhao