A transport designer imagines what F1 cars in 2021 will look like

For transportation designer and car enthusiast Olcay Tuncay, 2021 is all set to be a very intriguing year because that’s the year Formula 1 will see radical changes, because the Concorde Agreement, which governs the sport and sets out the commercial terms on which teams compete, expires at the end of 2020.

Tuncay used this opportunity to design a car that he feels suit the immediate future of F1. Envisioned in the branding of Scuderia Ferrari and Mercedes AMG (the two biggest names in F1), the car comes with a partially covered cockpit, a feature implemented just years ago, and has an overall streamlined look with minimal drag, and also sports the 18-inch wheels that will be a part of F1’s future tire contract.

2021 is being viewed as the first big chance for Liberty Media, F1’s newest owners, to significantly implement their vision for the sport’s future, making it more entertaining.

Designer: Olcay Tuncay Karabulut

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