Bicycle Built For The Dutchess

Any woman who gets to ride this beauty called Cannondale Dutchess, is gonna be wearing a broad grin on her face. A classy dame with sufficient innovations to make an impact, this cycle is more than what Daisy could have asked for! Speaking of innovations, here’s what it’s got: The rear fender acts is a structural part of the frame and allows the carrier to hold up to 50kgs of weight. An arch connects the bicycle from the handlebars to the tail light, enhancing the visual appeal of this traditional Old Dutch bicycle.

Quick Facts:

  • The bike in total weighs under 14kgs and this apparently a tradition with Cannondale.
  • Gearing and transmission are fully enclosed, allowing the bicycle to be ridden in formal clothing and at any speed.
  • The hub brakes are self-adjusting to compensate brake pad wear and since the brake lines are integrated into the frame, they can double act as wheel locks by folding the levers into the handlebars.
  • Adjustable handlebars allow for different riding positions and can be folded together for easy storage or used for locking the bicycle securely to a fixed object. Both the headlamp and the taillight are integrated.
  • The concept also contains a modular luggage solution, kickstand and a pedal assist, but these were not yet incorporated in the prototype.

Credits: in collaboration with bicycle manufacturer Cannondale.

Movie and Pics by Eelke Dekker

Designer: Wytze van Mansum

Wytze’s graduation project for Cannondale from Eelke D. on Vimeo.

Cannondale Dutchess Cycle by Wytze van Mansum








  • mif991 says:

    I love the individual mechanical details, particularly the pedals, lights and the handles. They are beautiful. Not entirely in love with the overall old school aesthetics, but it is a solid design. Congrats, Wytze.

  • p says:

    this is beautiful! the frame extending to provide support for baggage looks very funtional and is an elegant and stand-out aesthetic detail. The interaction between circular elements throughout the bike is mesmerizing.
    The drivetrain is pretty space-age but still believable at a certain price point. And the split crankarms are very cool. Not sure about that stem tho…I guess you could access the heaset bolt through the bottom of the steerer tube.
    Sweet concept, hope Cannondale runs with it. (and makes a man-version too!)

  • b0g3l says:

    good designs don’t get much comment. imo you can be happy if your post doesn’t has too many of them. hehe

    Nice bike! love it!

  • adamski says:

    well done!

  • FLX says:

    What i really like about it is its undeniably dutch charme. I can see some of my dutch friends getting crazy in love with this, though i m personally not sure about the handlebars and some detailing. Very nice though, congrats!

  • Abby says:

    I want to buy it! Do you know when they are going to start selling these? It is exactly what I have been looking for. Any other colors as well? Gorgeous!

  • Anael says:

    Beatifully designed, perfectly executed…
    Not much to add. Just plain elegant.
    A dream…

    Congratulations, Wytze van Mansum!

  • Avarell says:

    Where and when can I get one? Brilliant!

  • pepinthewicked says:

    Having worked on bicycle designs in the past, I can attest to how unbelievably difficult it is to engineer a bicycle from scratch, much less one with so many innovative features. I’m not entirely clear on how the power train works. Does anyone have insight on this?

    • Stephen says:

      It’s actually poorly designed from a functional sense. It is definitely not stiff enough and if it is a lot more material will have to be used. From what I can see the power train is electrical ?!

      • radia says:

        It’s a shaft drive. They’re commercially used by some bicycle manufacturers.

        This bicycle design is good – if it gets women on the roads, men will follow.

        • Carl says:

          Stephen and Radia are both wrong. Read the info on or on the designer’s site. I don’t believe it is electrical or shaft drive. And the rear fender is a frame tube which would make it a very stiff frame.

      • JohnB says:

        I don’t understand what the fuss is all about, watch the video above, it answers all your questions.

  • Anna says:

    Gorgeous bike!

    But, I notice the first still photo (above) is back to front. Check the writing on the bike, and the fact that the drive shaft is on the wrong side of the bike.

  • Dear says:

    One of the best built-for-real bicycles I've ever seen. It really makes me want to buy one for my wife.


  • Dear says:

    One of the best built-for-real bicycles I've ever seen. It really makes me want to buy one for my wife.


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