Bicycle Built For The Dutchess

Any woman who gets to ride this beauty called Cannondale Dutchess, is gonna be wearing a broad grin on her face. A classy dame with sufficient innovations to make an impact, this cycle is more than what Daisy could have asked for! Speaking of innovations, here’s what it’s got: The rear fender acts is a structural part of the frame and allows the carrier to hold up to 50kgs of weight. An arch connects the bicycle from the handlebars to the tail light, enhancing the visual appeal of this traditional Old Dutch bicycle.

Quick Facts:

  • The bike in total weighs under 14kgs and this apparently a tradition with Cannondale.
  • Gearing and transmission are fully enclosed, allowing the bicycle to be ridden in formal clothing and at any speed.
  • The hub brakes are self-adjusting to compensate brake pad wear and since the brake lines are integrated into the frame, they can double act as wheel locks by folding the levers into the handlebars.
  • Adjustable handlebars allow for different riding positions and can be folded together for easy storage or used for locking the bicycle securely to a fixed object. Both the headlamp and the taillight are integrated.
  • The concept also contains a modular luggage solution, kickstand and a pedal assist, but these were not yet incorporated in the prototype.

Credits: in collaboration with bicycle manufacturer Cannondale.

Movie and Pics by Eelke Dekker

Designer: Wytze van Mansum

Wytze’s graduation project for Cannondale from Eelke D. on Vimeo.

Cannondale Dutchess Cycle by Wytze van Mansum