Affair With Notefolio

Most of my friends get all awestruck and goofy when they lay their hands on the latest netbooks. For me it’s always been an affair with notebooks and paper; a case of old habits dying hard, because I grew up using portfolios and paper books. Stationery essentials like the Notefolio are just my types. It’s a gamut of things: a handy recycled chipboard cover with a note book inside, a folder with an envelope for business cards; plus a strong rubber band that holds it all together. Apt for an Executive Assistant like me!

Designer: Poketo [ Buy it Here – $16 @ the Yanko Design Store ]


Notefolio - Notebook Portfolio by Poketo




Notefolio is available for $16 at the YD Store



  • mif991 says:

    I particularly like the simplicity and the clean graphics or lack of. I was just organizing myself with what is available at Walgreens last night, and I wish this was on the shelf. It is elegant and looks sturdy for me.

  • Margot says:

    I like these. I must admit I can never have too many folders or ways to organize things. Now where is that document I meant to file????

  • mp says:

    I’ve had this note in 2005.kkkkkkkkk
    nice to meet it again.kkk

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