Tweet to Win The $1,800 HP Envy 15 Notebook

Winner: Simon Downey! We wish you well.

Twitter-tweet-retweet! Words that can get you the world’s thinnest, lightest quad-core notebook PC FREE!

Step 1: Follow Yanko Design on Twitter and Tweet: Just entered to win a HP Envy 15. Just follow @yankodesign and retweet
Step 2:
Come back to YD and tell us how the The $1,800 HP Envy 15 Notebook will make a difference in your life.

This HP Envy 15 Notebook Can Be Yours….

  • It’s got immense power and offers maximum speed and mobility with the upcoming Intel® Core™ i7 Processor and up to 16GB of DDR3 1066 MHz system memory with four SODIMM memory slots.
  • The versatile storage options include the ability to add two solid-state drives in a RAID-0 configuration to improve the overall speed of the ENVY 15 while providing ultimate disk performance.
  • A choice of two 15.6” HP Brightview high-resolution LED backlit displays, including the Full High Definition LED HP Ultra BrightView Widescreen Display with up to 300 nit, provides the best display experience for a notebook in this class.
  • The ENVY 15 has an optional Slim Fit Extended-Life Notebook Battery, giving users up to seven hours of battery life.

Follow Yanko Design on Twitter and tweet this post on your Twitter and you could be the one taking home this HP Envy 15 Notebook!

Contest Ends: November 23, 12:00am PST


  • Jerry says:

    I love what I do, and how I help people–and that is, I’m a personal trainer. If I win this laptop I would able to show my clients what they need to do in order to loose weight and meet their goals. I have several Excel files that I can’t bring with me, since I do not have a laptop, instead i have to print it out and email them a copy + explain to them how to use it. With the laptop, I would be able to show them first hand how to keep track of their caloric intake, and all the exercises needed to meet their goal/maintain their shape. Understanding how to workout properly, and what to eat is key to success and results, and I believe with the help of the HP ENVY i can do just that. (@jphat897)

  • Brianna says:

    I’m no computer expert, but I am a psychology expert! And I can safely diagnose my desktop computer as borderline psychotic/bipolar. One day it’ll work just fine, and the next its posessed by the BSoD. This computer has been with me for 8 years or so, and I’m thankful for it, but for the past 3 years its been iffy. The HP Envy would change my life completely, 360 degrees, because I wouldn’t have to rely on this junk anymore to do homework, research, or just simple stuff like email. I’m sure with the HP Envy I’ll have a long life with it, and I might even pick up new hobbies with it–put it to its full potential! I’m sure people will Envy me when they see me with this. 😉 *twitter @lmfao_brianna86*

  • jay says:

    well i would really need it cause
    1. my life right now is soo busy that i cannot buy one since its too expensive would help greatly with my studings would be my first lap top sad to say, cause well i got no money. would be great if i won

  • Lila says:

    This slick beast will capture my heart and send it to a place where even a ring of Dante’s Inferno cannot describe.

    It won’t only make a difference in my life – it will be Life.

    *cue evil laughter*

    twitter @abaeran

  • Johansen Pico says:

    This Notebook would mean a whole bunch for me. I need a computer to last me in high school. I plan to use it to run my photo editing programs such as Photoshop, and I also needed a computer with good enough specs for video editing. My Family and I are a bit tight on money now; so this would mean a whole lot if I did win. Of course, my family wouldn’t let me keep it all to myself. I would also share it with my sister who also is in need for a laptop for her essays, etc.

    My Twitter is @jcpandabear
    Thanks for reading 😀

  • Simon Downey says:

    Oh man, we’re getting close.

    Super excited for the lucky winner…

    Please dear god, let it be me. This will make such a huge difference!

    Good luck everyone!

  • Jithendra says:

    Here is my Twitter URL :

    regarding Tweet to Win The $1,800 HP Envy 15 Notebook

    how the HP Envy 15 will make a difference in your life: my actual laptop is dead and I need a new one to work as, for a Software Architect, is not so easy to follow/accomplish my customers without a powerful notebook; the flexibility of HP Envy 15 will surely change the quality of my job, greately helping me to pay the bills and, at the same time, reducing my work hours too; wasting less time for job will give me more time to spend around my family which lead to more happiness.

    My Present LAptop :

    1.Right Now I am using Dell Studio 15 , As It is having windows vista , the performance is pure it is not supporting applications which are supporting my Windows Xp .

    2. System weight / Weight with AC adapter 6.0 / 7.2 pounds , it is a core 2 duo T8100 processor and having Graphics ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 and the HDD 320 GB 5400 RPM with internal Optical Drive.

    3.As I am a software professional , I like to use linux too but I have to make it seperatly coz it is not coming with laptop

    Now how the HP Envy 15 will make a difference in MY life:

    1.While it is coming with Windows 7 and fast booting linux . All application those are not working in vista will be supported by windows 7 , as it has a fast booting linux feature. It can be very helpful to me todo my R & D work in linux.

    2.Radeon HD 4830 for the Envy 15 512MB, I am gaming freak , whenever I get time I use to play games . my present laptop can’t support high-end grapihcs with Envy 15 sure this can be possible.

    3.Envy 15 performance would be better than my present as it has the new Core i7-720QM CPU . which can handle database servers and application servers without performance breaks. As I can’t all these in my present laptop it can be dead it I use all these.

    4. The data reading and writing will be much better coz of it’s RPM speed i.e 7200 rpm .it would be great for 18hrs of runtime, can save my power a lot.

    5.It would be better if HP provides external optical drive with Envy 15 like Envy 13.

    6.The Big advantage is It can be upgradable to 16GB RAM which is too High Spec can run any sort of applications at same time.It will never hang-up

    I am very much impressed with new Envy notebooks as build quality is very high , gud competition for Apple’s 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro notebooks. the combination of solid metal construction, capable specifications and lengthy battery life 7.25 hrs .supporting 16 GB of RAM is great feature , the machine can’t be hang-up like my present laptop. Sure I can complete my work with much quality in less working hours , Ofcourse the price is a bit high but worthwhile

  • Cynthia says:

    With this laptop I intend to use it for a change to bring my business out of the garage, and into something more complex–something online, or perhaps even a kiosk at the mall. Currently I have a website that which allows me to make custom ipod/iphone cases, provide screen protectors, and pretty much anything mobile phone/accessory related. Being able to make a nice website, and design it by myself (i have done webdesign in the past) would make my life so much better–and i feel that the Envy can do that without a doubt.

  • BRANKKO says:

    I could take all the fun everywhere 😉

  • Haley says:

    I’m a full time student majoring in graphics design. I currently own a Mac, and quite frankly, I’m only use it because we all know thats the “standard” in the graphics design industry, and I have to learn it if I ever wanna put it on my resume for a potential job. I’m a Windows kinda gal, and have always been. This laptop would benefit my life immensely because it would bring back my love with Windows and allow me to do the same stuff that Mac’s are able to do, if not more. 🙂 Something that’ll definitely allow me to grow, and become a successful artist.

  • Robert says:

    I do a lot of video editing for a local design company–and its pretty much independent work, so I work on my own time, or whenever they want me to do something for them. The current laptop I have is extremely slow–its capable of doing the task, but has sever lag. With this laptop, i’d be able to be a lot more productive, make more money and possibly have more clients or companies to work for! A serious life changer, for sure.

  • Christine says:

    I attend Cal Poly where I’m an engineer major–my current laptop does support the programs I need (auto-cad, mat-lab, solidworks, etc.) but doesn’t do it that well since it lags upon occasion. This laptop would change my life completely because I would be able to complete my course work and not have to suffer lagging which in turn will able me to work at a faster pace! After all, being able to full execute these programs are key to my success in the real world ;). I feel that with the specs it has, it would have NO problem whatsoever, and it is surely not your everyday laptop–this is something that’ll definitely do more than just your typical word processing, youtube, hulu, etc. Its a beast!

    This is such a great contest you’re running, I want to thank you for hosting it and good luck to all.

  • James B says:

    I will be starting school again in the spring semester–actually, in just a few months! And this laptop would be ideal for my field of study. I’m a photographer and I do a lot of Photoshop editing. I feel that this laptop would change my life by simplifying it so I don’t have to stress about my laptop overheating and turning off, or not having enough RAM to complete the task, or even not turning on sometime. I also take pictures at weddings, so I rely heavily on a reliable computer–and this I’m sure will do just that!

  • Mikayla says:

    The Envy would make a significant difference in my life not only because it can hold a charge–and I rely heavily on my laptop for my work and school–but because of its useful 7hr battery life, and its solid slate drive option. Other laptops I’ve had in the past (so far 2), all have had hard drive failures, which made me invest in an external harddrive (which everyone SHOULD have anyway, but just wish I had one before they died on me), and something that’s lightweight.

  • bennux16 says:

    Currently I don’t have a usable laptop and having the HP Envy would be incredibly useful for me as I am taking archtectural and 3d design work.i luv to own it.

  • Di says:

    The HP Envy could actually be my life saver… Currently, i carry a laptop to and from school to do basic school work–but the thing is, the laptop I carry is almost 8lbs! The Envy 15, at just a tad bit over 5lbs would save me 3lbs and from a sore back. Of course with such a powerhouse computer like this, I wouldn’t just use it for school work, but also I’d use it for something a little more complex: game playing, music (amateur DJ), and web design. I love making websites, and I’ve been doing it for free so I’d have a portfolio –but with this new laptop, I’d be able to make a living from it and have something that could save my back, lol.

  • Hank says:

    Something so sleek, so shiny, so amazing–not going to lie… it’ll change my life because I’ll get all the ladies. The geeky ones, at least. LOL. Which is all I really care for anyway. I need someone I can relay binary to, and share my views in 1080p. My current laptop, a pre-2003 compaq, is kind of embarrassing when you’re trying to bump your music and all of a sudden the music stops because you lag out of iTunes. 🙁 This would be sweet, 🙂 that is all.

  • Kristen G says:

    (LOL I really like Hank’s post)

    Just looking at these pictures of the laptop and I’m in love. The HP Envy15 would make a big difference in my life because it means I get to stay connected with my friends and family in my dorm room, and while i’m on the go. I’m such a family-oriented girl, and not being able to see my family for a long period of time because I’m schooling, is kind of hard–you just need to see a friendly face and a comforting smile from your mom. (twitter @kristen_go)

  • JKersh says:

    Laptop would be an amazing gift. My mom has a 7 year old e-machine which is horrible so If I were to win the laptop I would give it to her as a gift for Christmas. She has wanted a laptop for sometime so I think it would really mean a lot to her.

  • Tony says:

    I am an avid gamer, and this would change my life because I’d be pwning n00bs at incredible quad core speed. But really, besides from being a gamer, I’m also a game designer and beta tester for software–this laptop could possible get me a raise or overtime pay if I get to take my work home with me. The specs from this alone, beats my Toshiba. Its pretty insane how they [HP] compiled all this in such a lightweight machine, and made it look so slim and sleek. Something that’ll be the envy in the office for sure.

  • Grace says:

    AMAZING LAPTOP!! This would make a huge difference in my life because I currently do not own a laptop and am in need of something portable for school rather than having to run across campus to use their desktop–and i’m sure its probably rarely ever secure. With my own laptop I don’t have to worry about my keystrokes being logged, any one tampering w/ my account if I forget to log out(which has happened to me before unfortunately), or share one with my sister. Part of a successful college life is having a computer, and one thats your own… well, that’s just a bigger plus.

  • Chad says:

    I would love this for my graduation. I’m graduating May 2010, and will be going for my MBA. This would be a life changer because it would save me a significant amount of money, instead of adding to my huge student loan.

  • Carlos says:

    Quite simply the neatest, cleanest, aggressive-est looking computer I’ve seen in a really long time. You wouldn’t expect something so powerful to come from something so clean like this. Usually with such huge specs, one would expect to carry something that’s at least twice its size, and easily twice its weight–but thats no the case with this HP. HP, you’ve done a great job with the Envy line!

    This would make a great difference in my life because I could finally start my graphics design career. For years, i’ve been relying on my desktop at home to do my work for me–by all means, it gets the job done, except at an incredibly slow pace.

  • Jon says:

    About a month ago, my laptop just died–what perfect timing! I’ve been using my laptop to promote my band and make/edit music. The previous laptop, was a complete mistake on my part, I pushed it way too hard, and expected so much in return, which probably explained its short life. I’m sure this quad core can handle the work I’m about to put on it, and then some!

  • Sean says:

    I love how this computer is so sleek, not only the way it looks but also what it packs inside. With so much power and in such a compact machine, all I can really say is WOW. HP truly out did themselves this time. I’m a student teacher, looking to become a high school physics teacher. With a computer like this, it’ll last me YEARS, no doubt. In teaching physics, 3d graphs and being able to relay the carts is essential when it comes to teaching–so thats how this will change my life. It’ll allow me to become a “cooler” teacher, and honestly, I’ll be the envy at school. Hah.

  • Kristina says:

    This laptop with its awesome capabilities would help me be a more productive photographer and hone my Photoshop skills, helping me on my way to turn professional because it’s got such awesome specs and amazing battery life.

    That improvement in my life will have a domino effect of helping me to help my husband improve our family finances and provide a better future for our children.

  • Denis Foca says:

    Congratulation, Simon Downey!
    I am glad for you (maybe a little invidious, but glad for you).

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