You Can Dishwash The Vent!

Are those plates to be eating off of? Nay!* They are vent covers. Retractable vent covers. Customizable vent covers. I bet you’re saying to yourself “self, I’ve always wanted to customize my vent covers, and self, this is my big opportunity.” And you’d be right. Available in like 5 billion colors and designs, this is the Ventware system.

With the Ventware “Seasons of Change” system, you’ve got both the best in retractable kitchen vent systems AND “a whole new paradigm for kitchen appliances – unparalleled customizability.”

This system is made of a ceramic faceplate and removable filter behind the vent. Cleanable in the dishwasher, switchable for every season.

*If you really wanted to eat off these, I bet you could. By all means, if they’re clean, use them. One of my favorite things to drink water out of is a mason jar. It just tastes better. Who am I to say you wouldn’t get a kick out of eating liverwurst off of the vent cover? Just do it.

Designer: RKS

Ventware Seasons of Change by RKS