A conceptual NIKE skincare gadget for a world post COVID-19

Everyday brands are blurring industry lines and venturing into new areas to create more unique products – that is one reason why brand collaborations always do so well, it is innovative and brings the best of both worlds. This conceptual design explores what would happen if Nike decided to venture further into health and wellness and created a LED mask for skincare. Are you intrigued yet?

As a generation, we have been finding ways to do as many things as we can at home. Workout programs are being made to fit within your home space and your groceries are delivered to your doorstep – right there we have two major reasons that we leave our house after work, for the gym and for groceries, that are now easily accomplished staying in. And as we all stay under lockdown to flatten the curve, a lot more industries have been forced into adapting to this digital-home lifestyle much quicker than planned. This is what inspired the Nike LED mask, it was designed to let you take care of your skin at home. Why would Nike foray into beauty? Well, the brand is known to encourage confidence and the health and wellness industry includes taking care of yourself as a whole – so yes, skincare counts, especially post work out!

If you are an athlete, someone who works out but doesn’t have time for indulgences or maybe just a guy who doesn’t want to get a mask from Sephora, then this conceptual Nike LED mask was made keeping your wellness needs in mind. This also makes life easier for those with special needs and disabilities, it allows them to take care of their skin without being dependent on someone to drive them to a facility. People who are at high risk of catching COVID-19 may not be able to go out right after quarantine ends and that is when such personal gadgets can elevate their life quality at home. Also, an LED face mask means no need to touch your face!

This beauty device was aimed at expanding passion and potential through the CMF (color, material, finish) so the user can get comfortable quickly by identifying with Nike’s existing sporty and refreshing image. The form is smooth and sleek, you almost have an instinct that it will fulfill its purpose and that is what makes a design convincing – the trust through visuals because it is the first impression that leaves a mark, right? The mask has a very futuristic aesthetic and if we are going to wear masks in our new normal world, then we might as well wear one at home for some time if it takes care of our skin and reduces the need to go out. We don’t know what the future holds but I’d rather face it with good health, abs and glowing skin.

Designer: Min Chang Kim and PDF Haus