Bike Thief, Don’t Even think About It Mister

Bike Thieves move on to your next victim, because this bicycle has BROKEN WHEELS! This exact feature is what keeps the bike safe. I love this ingenious idea that kind of breaks down the inner rim of the wheel, so that it becomes an unstable cycle with wonky-wheels that no one can ride. Anti-Theft Collapsible Bike Wheel; that’s what you call this baby.

You need to put the key into the wheel to collapse the internal dial and lock it into the “broken” position. Reverse the process to get your wheel back into shape!

The gearing system is inside the injection molded wheel and the lock for the wheel uses spring loaded bolt system.

Super! No More Bike Thieves!

Designer: Carmond Lai

Anti-Theft Collapsible Bike Wheel by Carmond Lai






  • Chris says:

    Nice idea, but nowadays they steel the bike without tires… it maybe would make sense if this “broken wheel” would not be attached with a “quick-fix”,
    so the broken wheel is gone in seconds and your bike too…


  • Minh Nhan Nguyen says:

    i say this is very creative but it still doesnt stop your bike from thief, becuase they can jusr use a differnt set of wheels…

  • Flow says:

    alright, funny idea but i will see ya doing a 5ft drop with this wheel….. despite – i don’t want to know what your 50psi tire does when you take the rim away 😀

  • DaLk says:

    If i was a bike thief, what would prevent me to pick the bike on my shoulder, go away with it and change that stoopid and dangerous looking wheel.

    Obviously, seems like the “thinker” never changed a tire in his life, nor he rode one, to ignore the risks of breakable wheels

  • proproboy says:

    well the thief will just have to carry away the whole bike and then change the wheels.
    Nice idea anyway

  • pepinthewicked says:

    If you’ve ever inflated a tube to 100psi without seating the tire properly, you know just how scary this idea is. Once you separate the rim from the tire, the tube will expand out and explode. Maybe there’s a good way to render the wheel useless without compromising the integrity of the rim? Keep working on it! Nice direction.

  • p says:

    agree with pepin. with the current system you’d need a solid-state (non-pneumatic) tire/tube system, and while doable, it’s not ideal for riding anyhting longer than a mile due to weight and resistance. I think the key to this concept is to separate the intact and tire-mounted rim from the hub via altering the spoke connection, breaking the concentric relationship between the rim and hub and rendering a lopsided and unridable wheel. That would essentially achieve the same effect without upsettign the basic laws of the rim/tube/tire system.

    all that aside though, great conceptual thinking here. I think this concept has a lot of potential. nice work!

  • Yeah, tires can change, why I must steal the wheels?

  • j says:

    Hehe, bike theft is a problem. But I doubt that anyone would ride a bikewheel like this. Many steer away for carbonwheels with only three spokes because they are heavy and you feel it when going up hills or setting off – how would this feel 4-5x times heavier ?

    Just buy a propper lock and/or a propper chainlock, lock your like to a pole or something. I ride an expensive bike to and from the city two times a day, I either put it indoors or lock it to something sturdy with a good chainlock

  • themark says:

    I love the fact that the wheel is held on with a Quick-release. Hello expensive frame! Bye-bye super heavy and potentially lethally dangerous collapsing wheels. Class instructor should have nixed this early on in the brainstorming stage as impractical.

  • jack says:

    i love > <

  • synchro says:

    another useless invention that will never serve proper use for any serious cyclist.

  • Wayne says:


  • Jack says:

    Wheels can be around $1,000 and easily stolen…I think this is a pretty cool invention and would want one if I had invested in expensive wheels.

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