Bike Thief, Don’t Even think About It Mister

Bike Thieves move on to your next victim, because this bicycle has BROKEN WHEELS! This exact feature is what keeps the bike safe. I love this ingenious idea that kind of breaks down the inner rim of the wheel, so that it becomes an unstable cycle with wonky-wheels that no one can ride. Anti-Theft Collapsible Bike Wheel; that’s what you call this baby.

You need to put the key into the wheel to collapse the internal dial and lock it into the “broken” position. Reverse the process to get your wheel back into shape!

The gearing system is inside the injection molded wheel and the lock for the wheel uses spring loaded bolt system.

Super! No More Bike Thieves!

Designer: Carmond Lai

Anti-Theft Collapsible Bike Wheel by Carmond Lai