Genesis X Snow Speedium concept is a winter ready luxury electric coupe

Chicago’s freezing winds have turned out to be a nemesis for electric vehicle owners and exposed a chink in the armor of Elon’s arsenal. Not that other EVs are a breeze to maintain in cold weather conditions, as seen by the problems faced by owners in the winter months. Call it the perfect timing or a bad one by Genesis Motor to unveil the new X Snow Speedium concept, the EV is specifically designed for frigid weather conditions.

According to the South Korean luxury division of Hyundai, the car is a “symphony of strength and elegance, no matter the temperature.” The electric concept is based on the X Speedium Coupe and it’s not a coincidence that Nissan also recently released their X-Trail Mountain Rescue vehicle specifically designed for mountain expeditions and responder missions. The latter though is a real-world version ready for action.

Designer: Genesis

Aptly, the Genesis’ ride comes in winter white edition, virtually camouflaging in the wintery landscape. Like the X-Trail, the Genesis comes with a unique ski rack for adventures, designed in association with Anavon Ski AG. If you look closely, the resemblance of the front-aligned line lamps to the Speedium Coupe is there. Also, the signature “V-shaped” brake lights are so “Genesis.” The only parity is the selection of the sleek white hue, compared to the emerald green on the original coupe.

In a very strong statement, the brand representatives said the concept is a representation of the future and Genesis’ transformation toward becoming “an all-electric car brand.” Talking of the interiors the concept will likely be draped in white as well which draws inspiration from the minimalist Korean architecture. The floating center console will encapsulate the driver’s cockpit for a futuristic feel. All of this while keeping things simple yet modern.

For the foreseeable future, the EV concept isn’t headed toward the production lines but the possibility could also not be ruled out as Genesis has emission-free plans for the coming years.