ProbaPaws Is A Collection Of Wearables & Accessories That Can Be Used By Your Pet & You

If you’re a pet parent like me, then you know how important it is to keep our pet babies happy and content. For most of us, our pets aren’t simply pets! They’re our children and babies we consider our own blood. We take care of them the way we would take care of our own kids, and leave no stone unturned to ensure they are happy, healthy, and safe. If you’re looking for a new and improved way to take better care of your pet then you may want to look into the ProbaPaws collection by Alex Proba.

Designer: Alex Proba

Designed by Alex Proba of ProbaHome, and her dog Sam in their studio in Portland, Oregon, ProbaPaws is a collection of wearables and accessories that feature Proba’s quintessential design style, while ensuring the products are still fun and functional. Proba partnered up with other creators such as Blink, Sophie Lou Jacobsen, and Marrow Fine to add to the collection. Some of the products in the collection can be used by you and your doggo!

Some of Alex’s signature textiles were used to create the two dog bed styles, three rugs, two blankets, eight bandanas, and a toy in the collection. The products are colorful and quirky, with a whimsical air of fun to them. They are handmade from sustainable materials, so you can be sure that the accessories provided to your pets are of excellent quality.

Sophie Lou Jacobson has designed a bowl with her popular wavy glass effect, creating fun bowls for your pet’s food and water. Since the bowls are quite aesthetic and versatile, they can be used by you as well. So you can get a matching set allowing you and your pet to eat your meals together, and spend some quality time. The bowl is available in three pretty color options – amber, teal, and lavender. Blink also added to the collection by designing two dog tags: Ear and Paw. Both are crafted from hand-casted glass in Japan and can be created with your pet’s number and your phone number. You can also wear the tags as charms!