Riding The Deep Blue Seas Smoothly

The Vif Argent Yacht combines the principles of foiler and glider so that you can have smooth sailings at high speeds with maximum efficiency. Killer combo, right! The boat floats on its hull while at rest and then deploys its gliders during acceleration, to help attain high speeds (over 50 knots). To ensure the smooth ride, the cabin is actually cruising above the waves at a height. The suspension system, which is integrated into glider folding arms, absorbs the shocks and vibrations of the wave impact.

Propulsion is made of two high performance diesel engines, to provide power and fuel efficiency.

Designer: SVDesign


Vif Argent Concept Yacht by SVDesign





  • confucius says:

    This only has commercial potential. The point of being on a boat for most people is for recreational purposes. Without being able to get on the bow and enjoy a cruise with the wind in your hair lets this down, for me anyway.

  • Shauvon says:

    Sorry to say but your design looks like a bad ripoff of New Zealands Eco boat Earthrace.

  • cra says:

    umm, it looks absolutely nothing like Earthrace, at all. it doesnt even have the same hull configuration. it has a hydrofoil for peats sake.

    • Earthrace is a copy of what Nigel Irens designed several years ago, called stabilized thin monohull concept (in fact a trimaran). Comparing with Vif Argent is like comparing apples with dogs…… Only the chromed appearance is similar.

  • cra says:

    yea preach it.

  • Benjamin Hinely says:

    Looks like an old WWII fighter plane.

  • Dan says:

    I believe this was used to great effect in the 1965 James Bond film “Thunderball” with Sean hanging on to the foils as it drove off. At least that one didn’t look like a lobster!

  • Yutong Wu says:

    I enjoyed it coz I understand that some strange looking thing might have a pretty deep thought of aesthetic thinking

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