Stoolish Installation

How do you like free things? How do you like fabulous bits of furniture? How much do think people would enjoy a free stool exhibit? That being an installation art exhibit where people are allowed to take the exhibit home with them? That’s what’s happening right now until early next year at the Landes Gallery with Thomas Feichtner’s “Linz Hocker” stool! Pick one up!

The installation is more than one thousand stools all sitting in a big super-organized room. You may enter the exhibition and take one stool. As the exhibition goes on, and once the exhibition is complete, and for many many years beyond the exhibition, the show will go on! These stools will circulate basically forever or until the end of the world. How fun is that?

The stool itself is one made in blatant disregard for the rules of minimalism and functionalism. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It means it feels at home at an art exhibit.

Designer: Thomas Feichtner


Linz Hocker stool by Thomas Feichtner