Peel The Skin, Drink The Water

In an effort to battle the oncoming disaster that is the ever-decreasing clean water supply, Sarah Taiho’s created this bottle extraordinaire. It’s plastic with a special elastic rubber skin. When the skin is on, it acts as protection against outside elements, it keeps the dirtiness out, and the filtrated water in. How did that water get in there then? Once the skin is peeled off, it acts as the filtration system needed to fill the bottle up with cleanliness!

How do you beat the inexpensiveness of a 50 cent (or a dollar where I’m from) bottle of water? How do you beat the convenience? With a free bottle. With a bottle that you can bring with, and refill any place you go. Think camping. Think places without faucets!

Designer: Sarah Taiho



Vital Skin water filtration by Sarah Taiho