Quatuor the Kitchen Annihilator!

What’s that? You want more organization in your kitchen? Well contrary to the title of this post, that’s what “Quatuor” is here to do! You’re in a hurry to create that perfect cake? Not to worry! Quatuor has your flour in a perfect proportion! Not only can in dispense both solid and liquid ingredients, it’s also got mystical magic charms cast on it!

You can use the heck out of this at dinner time, lunch time, or party time! * Be creative, sensitive, and accurate with just such a device as this. The activation controls are still up in the air, perhaps a voice-activated sort of thing? Could get messy.

*NEVER for use at breakfast time.**

**Just kidding. Definitely suitable for cereal.

Designer: Arthur Senant

Quatuor proportional kitchen ingredients dispenser by Arthur Senant