This hairdryer goes from 0 to 100 in 4 seconds


Go ahead and feel captivated by this automobile/hair-appliance blend… only to realize later on that Yu Seo-joung’s Mercedes AMG inspired hair dryer is completely devoid of color. Only through black and white renderings, this hair-dryer manages to capture one’s attention, showing that design detail can still be just as captivating, even in grayscale.

Another brilliant example of product semantics (or the picking up of one brand’s visual language/architecture and superimposing it somewhere else), the AMG hair dryer cleverly picks up AMG’s sporty race-car DNA with a body inspired by the car’s styling. On the back, the air outlet is shaped beautifully like a car’s wheel, with rim-like details as well as the Mercedes logo right at the center. I’m half expecting the hair dryer to go vroom once it switches on!

Designer: Yu Seo-joung