UNIKEA: Make Your IKEA Unique!

What do you do when you reach a design roadblock? My favorite solution is to ADD LIMITATIONS. Often doing such a thing forces you to make decisions you might never have allowed yourself to make under other circumstances. From that, beauty emerges. What’s happened in this project is just that! Designer Kenyon Yeh takes IKEA furniture and hits the remix button!

What Kenyon Yeh has done here is to take several standard IKEA flat pack furniture purchases out of the box: Bria, Dalt, Kenn, and Lopa, and he did what a lot more people aught to try; he threw away the directions!

What emerged from this madness were several amazing amalgamations that defy the mind of the original designer. And I’d bet dollars to kronors they’d enjoy the results.

DIY! Take a peek! Which one’s your favorite transformation?

Designer: Kenyon Yeh

UNIKEA (Unique IKEA) by Kenyon Yeh