A pulley mechanism based lamp designed to add a playful interaction with everyday furniture!

The right piece of furniture can truly make or break the aesthetics of a space. It is about good design and not expensive pieces (although, they do sometimes go hand in hand). While we always pay more attention to the bigger pieces that arguably catch the eye like tables and couches, it is the supporting elements like good lighting that can elevate your interior game – almost literally with this Pulley lamp!

As the name suggests, the conceptual pulley-based lamp adds a dynamic and playful element to the otherwise standard floor lamp which never makes you go “Wow, where’d you get that?”. This lamp reveals geometric movements as a feature of the design. “The focus was on purely revealing the structure of the lamp and the pulley that supports the lamp,” says Kim. Using the sliding switch will slightly tilt the lamp upwards to turn it off and the reverse motion will restore it back to its resting position which is perpendicular to the pole. It is more of a focus light that can help with reading or working as opposed to the traditional floor lamp that provides an ambient light by usually dimly flooding the ceiling which isn’t helpful for the purpose mentioned earlier.

The lamp itself is minimal and sleek, it could fit unobtrusively with any modern interior theme. It almost looks as if Apple launched a lamp because of its simple aesthetics, clean linear design, and the signature white tones. If the concept includes a sound that goes with the tactile feature of turning the light on/off it would be great – who doesn’t love a satisfying, animated click sound! It certainly makes for a lovely upgrade from those black-pole-inverted-lampshade floor lamps that we all had in our 20s!

Designer: Seongju Kim