Scribble A Beautiful Masterpiece

One of my biggest regrets is that I don’t have a good hand at drawing. I mean I can copy someone else’s sketches but there’s a lot room for improvement. Incidentally, the ScribbleBot is a drawing tool for people like me. Ones who crave to draw neatly, but just don’t have the in-built talent for it. The device can be fed with a preconceived drawing paths downloaded off the internet, to maneuver your hand and pen in way that results in some awesome sketching. The video gives you the hang of how things are done.

Designer: Jon Cumberpatch

ScribbleBots from Jon Cumberpatch on Vimeo.



ScribbleBots Digital Drawing Tool by Jon Cumberpatch


  • brenovsky says:


  • Raoni says:

    good for kids…but i have my doubts about this product… it may be the beginning of a generation that won’t be encouraged to draw, and drawing might be one more human hability considered a old fahioned hability in a comming future..

    • frezzingaces says:

      drawing will survive, but it will move to vector, less on actual paper

  • Tom says:

    Nice idea but I am not sure about ergonomics.

    a) holding a pen in this position might be very uncomfortable
    b) seeing what are you actually drawing could be difficult

    • Tony says:

      yes,i think so…

      • Scooter says:

        I think you could probably hold it in a more comfortable way. I think for the sake of video they did it this way.

        I would like seeing a more intricate design, though. People that draw comicbooks on the computer, for instance, would love a tool like this. Draw a set of outlines, keep the faces blank, and add expressions later. That could revolutionize the trade.

        There’s a lot of different applications I think could also work for this. I like it. I would buy it. I want it. Sell it please lol

  • Wow, good idea, it’s too big for kids I think, who does it design for?

  • mif991 says:

    This is for non-artists that wish they could draw, including teachers and great for children with disabilities. I think it is a bit cumbersome, but very interesting process. One of the better designs in this site.

  • IDiot says:

    nice presentation

  • Sean says:

    So… It’s a fancy printer? Because I can print that bird and draw on it too…

  • Fredricothird says:

    Darrh, I promised myself I would never post this, but what is the artist and track for your video?

  • Music says:

    Track is Casiokids with Fot I Hose

  • yald says:

    nice 🙂 (y)

  • shareman says:

    help…. why I print an outline with my printer …..

  • Yuuta says:

    You have to draw without lifting the pen, placing limitations on the kinds of pictures you draw. The person who wants to trace the path also has to know where on the paper to place the pen else you draw off the paper. Not too practical.

  • Scooter says:

    In other words, I love this. make it available at a reasonable price for the hobbyists and semi-pros and I will buy one.

  • Eddie says:

    Why the video is in Stop motion?!?! Yo can't actually see how it works

  • Eddie says:

    Why the video is in Stop motion?!?! Yo can't actually see how it works

  • James says:

    As others have said – just use a printer.

  • market raf says:

    This is amazing. Me and my airbrush compressor would be very happy with this discovery.

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