No Need to Water this Grass Eye

Let me tell you a little bit about exterior design. It’s complicated. You don’t just mess around with the property you own that everyone can see. That said, people better not mess with you because of how your property looks. One time, my neighbor was ordered add a coat of paint to his garage (by the state), so he painted it bright-yet-pastel purple. Would you like to say what’s up to the world? It’s “Astro Type” for you.

From the crazed mind of a graphic designer named George Simkin comes this lovely “of course that was bound to happen” sort of design. Industrial Designers! I urge you, please collaborate with Graphic Designers. And vice-versa. Together you will not be stopped. Not tonight!

And George Simkin: sell these as giant font-packs. Something of that nature. That would be just, well, simply lovely. And you know good-and-well that hipsters would buy this right UP!

Designer: George Simkin