Your Namaz On-the-go!

Culture and tradition can have heavy influences on design, but it’s rare that things go the other way around. I see design as being a powerful tool to influence, update, and upgrade culture/tradition, but the sad reality is that it’s rarely used for that.

The Pocket Sejadah was designed to allow people of the Islamic faith to engage in an active lifestyle, while giving them the tools to say their daily prayers without having to find a mosque. The foldable mat bases itself on a little something we’ve seen in the past, but brings a cultural dimension to it. The foldable prayer mat is smaller than an A5 notebook, therefore fitting comfortably inside purses and pockets, and comes in its own waterproof sleeve, letting you carry along with you the ability to find a spot anywhere you may be and recite your daily prayers. Made out of tightly woven polyester, the mat repels water, not letting rain deter you from prayers, while its graphical design truly pays ode to traditional Islamic and Arabesque geometric patterns, bringing aesthetics and cultural relevance to the mat’s design.

What’s interesting about the Pocket Sejadah is not the fact that it’s a foldable prayer mat. It’s the fact that it gives one a sense of freedom, allowing them to travel, work, commute (just like everyone else) without having to worry about being around a mosque or having a prayer room handy. The Pocket Sejadah upgrades tradition, letting it not stand in the way of an active lifestyle, and that in my opinion is just beautiful! Design has the ability to change our culture for the better, and make this world much more inclusive, and the Pocket Sejadah does just that!

Designer: Meryem Chin

Click here to Buy Now: $30.00 *Free Shipping!*











Click here to Buy Now: $30.00 *Free Shipping!*