Crazy Cutlery With Identity Crisis

Does the Chopork have an identity crisis? Like would you classify it as a fork or a chopstick or both? Nah! I wouldn’t bother much about the functionality of two sticks turning from a fork to chopsticks. I’d be worried about branding it as Chopork; sounds more like chop-the-pork! Got any better name suggestions?

Designer: Yoonsang Kim

Chopork - Chopstick Fork Design by Yoonsang Kim






  • Wow! I love this idea, it’s very useful.

  • Manish Ahuja says:

    THIS IS SO COOL!!! I still don’t know how to use chop sticks. This would make life and situations so much more easier for people like me 😉

    Manish 🙂

  • Christelle says:

    Me likey, and it’s would be very useful for the kids who are always jealous when we’re using chopsticks and they can’t.

    Where can we get these??

    Name idea:

  • jpjcjb says:

    who holds a fork in a fist?

  • Margot says:

    Well, since the name ‘spork’ is already taken, I think calling it ‘the duo’ would do nicely for celebrating its dual nature as part fork, part chop sticks.

  • b0g3l says:

    Neat! I like! very achievable… a close up image would help explaining the concept a lot.

  • JASMINE says:


  • john q says:

    those seem too thin to use as prongs to eat something, especially something as mushy as cake. How do they stay together?

  • mif991 says:

    Clever, minimalist and attractive. You should do very well with these. I hope you patented it. Congrats!

  • Nokadota says:

    Please notify us when this becomes available for purchase.

  • mavalema says:

    just couldn´t help laughing with the name chopork!

    it’s clever! but not many people would take u seriously with chopfork i think

    though i would buy them!

  • Andy says:


    You can pay me my royalties later, lol.

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