Calmo Vase Is Strange So It’s Cool

The Calmo vase seems to be of those mysterious objects that are found on the beach in the morning, brought in by the tide, of unknown origin. The forms are simplified, polished by their long journey, the sun and the salt water. Only traces remain of their original characteristics. These are fascinating and evocative objects, that cause unexpected emotions when we encounter them. The Calmo vase has a simple geometry, like the elementary geometries of nature. It lies on its side, a mysteriously archetypal object.

Designer: StudioCharlie

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  • carl says:

    i like this and the description too. its true people are more design savvy these days and as such should be creative enough to be able to customise the function based on the form. (sorry Bauhaus) but its what people already do. ie use a pen to scratch ure back, or even sit on a wall. primary and secondary function can be intertwined and therefore the user controls the function. id like to see more items like this sold then being used in a multitude of functions, derived by the end user.

    think about it when shopping do you walk round looking for descriptions of what the things do or do you get drawn to something that is attractive and compelling? then to justify the function and price before you buy it?

    ive started to prepare a few items like this approach. 🙂 ill let them loose on here soon.

    good work though. provoking and usable and forward thinking. Bravo.

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